New Multifunctional Bathroom Soap Dispenser Intelligent infrared ray Sensing Foam Soap Dispenser High Quality Hand Sanitizer

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Product description
- This item has built-in infrared smart sensor, soap will come out automatically once laying your hand, dishware, etc.
- Fully automatic and touch-free operation, to avoid the second cross-infection.
- Innovative non-drip design eliminates waste and countertop mess.
- Help parents to confirm their motivates of kids' hand-washing.
- Large, easy to fill opening.
- Ideal for lotions liquid soaps, etc.
- Perfect to use at bathroom, kitchen, etc.

- Material: ABS electroplated
- Capacity: 400ml
- Cordless, powered by 4 x AAA battery (Not included)

Size: 11*10*20.5cm, weight: 245g

Please Note:
-1.If it does not sense your hand and without liquid outflow, it could be the liquid concentration is too high,you can dilute it to solve this problem.
-2.Each soap dispenser will pass through liquid test before the factory is shipped, which may have little water residue left on the bottle, please don't worry, product is totally 100% brand new.

Package Contents: (no Original box) 
1 x  Automatic Soap Dispenser
1 x  English User Manua









Buyer's instructions:
1. When the liquid level is low, you should replenish hand sanitizer immediately, otherwise the hand sanitizer will not flow out normally
2. Do not mix the hand sanitizer with water and add it to the container of the machine, otherwise it will affect the normal discharge of the machine;
3. Do not apply strong impact to the machine, otherwise it will cause serious damage;
4. If the machine is not used for a long time, please turn off the power switch and remove the alkaline battery;
5. Please do not tilt the body to avoid leakage of hand sanitizer;
6. This product is only suitable for use in the bathroom and kitchen;
7. Do not rinse the body with water, otherwise it will cause damage to the product;
8. Do not use this product under the environment of sunlight, otherwise it will affect the function of the product;
9. The normal operating temperature of the machine is 3 ° -40 °
10. Liquid outflow time is affected by liquid content, viscosity, air humidity, temperature, etc.
There is no liquid in the new product pipeline,
During the first use, the discharge time may be one minute or ten minutes, as long as the light is on and there is a sound, wait until the liquid is discharged.
Note: (It is necessary to use a liquid dispenser with a concentration of liquid, water, etc. that does not have a certain viscosity to work!)




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