Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Cleanser Face Cleaning Acne Removal Galvanic Facial Spa Ultrasound Peeling Clean Tone Lift LW006

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Product description
High speed vibration metal probe can be quickly exported to remove aging horniness and end acne. Fade out fine lines, with the help of essence, 8000 times of vibration frequency, fast introduction, strengthen absorption and fade out fine lines!
Working principle: ultrasonic wave is used to make the water atomized instantly, and the atomized water enters into the deep layer of the skin to remove the dirt, adjust the balance of water and oil at the same time, so as to achieve the effect of clearing pores, removing blackheads and cleansing the skin.
At the same time, beauty fluid and other skin care products under the guidance of ultrasonic and ion, can be more effective directly to the bottom of the skin, than the palm flaps the traditional technique of beauty instrument, in-depth more depth, absorption more efficient, at the same time, the skin more intensive.

1. Choose stainless steel skin care tablets. More concentrated energy, more skin fit, safe and not allergic.
2. PEEL. High frequency vibration, effectively nano - media, enhance the cleaning force.
3. TONE. Pigment decomposition, lightening spots, promoting blood circulation and lymph metabolism,
4. CLEAN. Deep wrinkle removal, enhance skin elasticity, enhance skin cell regeneration and permeability
5. LIFT (nutrition introduction). Let skin care essence directly to the dermis, promote absorption of deep nourishing skin.

Material: ABS
Size: 170 * 54 * 25mm/6.69*2.13*0.98"
Weight: 100g
Charging mode: adapter
Power: 7W
Rated voltage: DC5V
Plug type:EU/US
Vibration frequency: 28000 times /min
Working mode: PEEL, TONE, CLEAN and LIFT

1 X USB Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber
1 X Power Adapter
1 X User Manual

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